This document was compiled by Carol Snoddy Byler 
ELIZABETH SNODDY (1755-ca 1818) 

ELIZABETH SNODDY was born February 01, 1755 in NC?, and died Abt. 1818 in Preble Co, Ohio.  She married SAMUEL MITCHELL February 21, 1775 in Rowan Co, NC, son of JOHN MITCHELL and LILIAS MORTON.  He was born Bef. 1748 in Scotland, and died Abt. 1815.

Mrs. Hars recorded, "Elizabeth Snoddy born Feb. 1, 1775.  Died in Preble County, Ohio."

Elizabeth's father added a married name to that report.  In 1794 he named, along with his heirs, "My daughter Elisabeth Mitchel."  No official record of her marriage has survived, but there is evidence that she married Samuel Mitchell, a neighbor in North Carolina whose brother, Andrew, had married one of her sisters, Sarah.

On December 3, 1816, "Elizabeth Mitchell of the County of Preble, Ohio", making her mark, sold some land in that county which had been granted in 1809 by the U.S. government to "Samuel Mitchell Senior of Butler County, Ohio."  In September 1820 six children of Samuel Mitchell, confirmed that sale by "our deceased mother, Elizabeth Mitchell."  These records place the death of that "Elizabeth Mitchell" in Preble County circa 1818.

Samuel Mitchell, brother of Andrew, was born before 1748 to John and Lillias (Morton) Mitchell.  He came to manhood on the North Carolina Piedmont where, in 1768, he was appointed by the Rowan County Court to be the Guardian of his younger brother.  He made a report to that Court on his guardianship in 1771, and he was taxed there in 1772, living in the area now Iredell County.

He would have been of ripe age to fight in the Amercian Revolution with his kin and neighbors on the rebel side.  He would naturally have joined them after that conflict in the surge of settlers to the west.  In 1793, "Samuel Mitchell" was taxed in Bourbon County, Kentucky, in the midst of other North Carolina emigrants with four slaves, 9 horses and 21 cattle.  In November 1795 he bought 370 acres in Bourbon County "on Harrod's Lick Creek" near Paris.  His brother, Andrew, bought at the same time from the same grantor 400 acres in Bourbon County.   In 1796, "Samuel Mitchell" was taxed on 770 acres there.  Apparently, he was tending his brother's land with his own.

1805 was the last tax record there of Samuel Mitchell.  Like so many of his kinfold in that area he had been strongly influenced by the frontier parson Barton Stone, who was the minister for the marriage of one of Mitchell's children (Samuel, Jr.) in 1800 in Bourbon County.  That congregation detested slavery and moved almost en masse out of Kentucky north into the free Northwest Territory.

The Mitchell's settled first in Butler County, Ohio, where son Fergus - a name much used in the Snoddy/Sloan lines - was married in 1808.  In January 1809, a U.S. Grant was made to "Samuel Mitchell Senior of Butler County, Ohio" for 156 acres in Preble County, Ohio (NE 1/4 section 29 T-5 R3E).  That is the land which Samuel's widow, Elizabeth, would sell in December 1816.

1. SAMUEL MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1780, NC; d. August 1813, Preble County, Ohio; m. ANN TROTTER, November 27, 1800; b. 1782; d. 1845.
2. ELIZABETH MITCHELL, b. Bef. 1781, NC; d. Aft. 1819, Butler Co, OH; m. JOHN IRVIN, September 16, 1794.
3. LILIAS MITCHELL, b. 1783, NC; d. Aft. 1819, Clark County, OH; m. WILLIAM SMITH, August 15, 1796.
4. FERGUS S. MITCHELL, b. Bef. 1790, NC; d. Aft. 1819, Butler Co, OH; m. MARY GREGORY, March 10, 1808.
5. MARGARET MITCHELL, b. Bef. 1800, KY; d. Aft. 1819, Wayne County, OH; m. JAMES BOYD, March 18, 1812.
6. SARAH MITCHELL, b. Bef. 1800, KY; d. Aft. 1819, Clark County, OH; m. VINCENT VANDEVER, Bef. 1820.
7. MARTIN L. MITCHELL, b. Bef. 1800, KY; d. Aft. 1819, Butler Co, OH; m. MARTHA ?, Bef. 1820.