This document was compiled by Carol Snoddy Byler 
FERGUS SNODDY (1759-1785)

FERGUS SNODDY was born October 16, 1759 in NC, and died 1785 in South Carolina.

Fergus never married.  He was commissioned a Lieutenant of Light Dragoons in Col. Wade Hampton's Cavalry Regiment on the South Carolina muster in 1781, when that State was desperately offering pay in captured negroes.  Fergus received "1 grown Negro (and) 1 small Negro" for his service.  He made his will in South Carolina in 1784 appointing as Executor his "friend David Ramsay," the noted physician, patriot and historian...of the Revolution of South Carolina.  His estate was left to his younger brothers (Samuel, Jr. and Thomas) for their education.

Fergus Snoddy's Will - Written: August 9, 1784; Proven April 5, 1785:

In the name of  God amen.  I, Fergus Snowdy, ordain this my last will.  After my debts are paid I bequeath to my two youngest brothers, Samuel and Thomas, the whole of my estate both real and personel in North and South Carolina.  As I choose it to be expended in their education I hereby authorize my executors herein after named or any one of them to sell my lands if they shall think proper so to do.  And to make good and sufficient titles to the same.  I do further authorize them to expend the whole or any part of the money that may be got from the sale of my lands or other property for forwarding the education of my two younger brothers.  I hereby constitute and appoint my friends David Ramsey, Andrew Mitchel, and my brother, John Snowdy to execute this my last will and testament.  In testimony whereof I hereunto annex my hand and seal this ninth day of August one thousand seven hundred eighty four.   Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us who were desired by the testator to be witnesses of the same.  Robert McLewrath, Mary Leibert, Jane M Lewrath.  Proved before Charles Lining Equire O C T D April 5, 1785.  At same time qualified David Ramsey as executor.

Recorded in Will Book A, 1783 -1786, page 503, Charleston County, South Carolina.