This document was compiled by Carol Snoddy Byler

SARAH SNODDY (1753 – ca 1828)

1.  SARAH SNODDY (SAMUEL) was born May 15, 1753 in NC, and died Bet. 1822 - 1828 in Iredell Co, NC.  She married ANDREW MITCHELL Feb 21, 1775 in Rowan Co, NC, son of JOHN MITCHELL and CYNTHIA MORTON.  He was born 1756 in ?NC, and died Bef. 1805 in ?Iredell Co, NC.


The following information is from John Hale Stutesman's book "Samuel and Elizabeth (Sloan) Snoddy".

On February 21, 1775, Andrew Mitchell made bond in Rowan County, North Carolina, for his marriage to "Margret Snoddy", a daughter of Samuel Snoddy who was co-bondsman (Rowan Co, NC Marriage Book). That young woman had another thought.  On the night before the proposed wedding, perhaps with the connivance of her mother, she ran off with another man [Joseph McCorkle].  Their daughter told her daughter, Mrs. Hars, that "there was no interruption in the wedding festivities.  Another sister filled Margaret's place."  That bride was the "daughter Sarah Mitchel" named in her father's will.

Andrew Mitchell was the son of John and Lilias (Morton) Mitchell who were married in Scotland and migrated to Pennsylvania where the father died in 1760.  The widow brought her children south to the North Carolina piedmont where she was remarried.   Rowan County court allowed Andrew Mitchell in October 1768 to be the "surety" on a guardianship bond for his brothers (Rowan County Court Minutes). This indicates that Andrew was born before 1748.

In 1778 Andrew Mitchell entered a claim in the North Carolina Land Office for 630 acres in Rowan County "on Both Sides of Hunting Creek."  That land lies today in the northeast corner of Iredell County, North Carolina.  In subsequent years, Mitchell added to that acreage.

The War for American Independence drew out the men of Rowan County, with few exceptions fighting for the rebels.  The man who married Sally Snoddy may have been the "Andrew Mitchell" who was paid for service in the Rowan County militia during that conflict (NC Rev. War payments, Salisbury District, NC Archives, Raleigh).

In 1788 "Andrew Mitchel & wife Sarah" sold some of their land.  That was the year that Iredell County was formed from part of Rowan, including the Mitchell homestead.  The 1790 census counted "Andrew Mitchell" there at the head of a household of five females, two males under 16, a male over 15, and nine slaves.  The 1800 census also found him in Iredell County, NC.

On May 29, 1803, Andrew Mitchell signed his will there, naming as heirs his "wife Sarah", sons Samuel and Andrew, and daughters "Sally Wright" with unmarried "Lillis, Martha, Mary, Cinthey".  He disposed of land in Iredell County, NC and in "Kentucky", with fourteen slaves.  That will was probated in November 1805, which strongly suggests that Andrew Mitchell died in 1805.

The widow stayed on the land left to her by her husband.  Apparently, her widowed mother came to live with her.  On December 16,1815, that woman made her will in Iredell County, bequeathing "to my Daughter Sarah Mitchel all the property that I now possess."

Mrs. Hars recorded, "Sarah  Snoddy died in North Carolina".  She probably was the elderly female in her son Samuel's household in the 1820 census of Iredell County, NC.  On November 20, 1822, the Administrator of the estate of that son Samuel, published his intent to sell the personal property of the deceased in a few weeks "on Hunting Creek where the widow Mitchell now lives.

In August 1828, "Andrew Mitchell of Lawrence County, Alabama" sold the land in Iredell County, NC, which had been "originally granted to Andrew Mitchell, deceased, and willed to Samuel Mitchell, late deceased, and myself."  That sale of land of the old homestead suggests, but does not prove, that Sarah had died.

The will of Andrew Mitchell named seven children: (1) Lillis (2) Samuel (3) Andrew (4) Sarah (5) Martha (6) Mary, and (7) Cynthia.

In Aug 1828, Andrew Mitchell of Lawrence Co, AL, sold land in Iredell Co, NC, which had been originally granted to Andrew Mitchell, dec'd and willed to Samuel Mitchell, late dec'd.  The sale of the old family homestead suggests that Sarah had died.

Fact 1: Feb 21, 1775, Married Andrew Mitchell in Rowan Co, NC

1768  -  Rowan Co, NC - John Murdock appointed guardian to Moses Mitchell; Samuel Mitchell appointed guardian to John Mitchell; Andrew Mitchell as security.

October 18, 1768  -  Rowan Co, NC - Power of attorney from Andrew Mitchell to Samuel Mitchell to authorize him to sell land in Pennsylvania.

1778  -  Rowan Co, NC - tax list of Capt. Reed's District:  Andrew Mitchell, 1252.10 acres; Moses Mitchell, 820 acres.
Fact 1: 1786, Andrew was tax collector in NC
Fact 2: Feb 01, 1788, Andrew/Sarah deeded NC property to Wm Roseborough

i.   SAMUEL MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1776, NC; d. 1822, Iredell Co, NC.
ii.   ANDREW MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1778, NC; d. Lawrence Co, AL.

August 1828 - Andrew Mitchell of Lawrence Co, AL, sold land in Iredell Co, NC which had been originally granted to Andrew Mitchell, deceased and willed to Samuel Mitchell, deceased and Andrew Mitchell. 

               iii.   SARAH "SALLY" MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1779, NC; m. WILLIAM WRIGHT; b. Abt. 1775, NC.
2.           iv.   LILLIAS MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1780, NC.
v.   MARTHA MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1782, NC.
vi.   MARY MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1784, NC.
3.           vii.   CYNTHIA "CINTHEY" MITCHELL, b. Jun 24, 1795, Iredell Co, NC; d. May 21, 1853, Murfreesboro, TN.

Generation No. 2

2.  LILLIAS MITCHELL (SARAH5 SNODDY, SAMUEL4, ?JOSEPH3, WILLIAM2, ?1) was born Abt. 1780 in NC.  She married ?NATHAN WOOD Oct 10, 1803 in Monroe Co, KY. 

i.   LEWIS B. WOOD, b. 1804, KY; d. 1864, IN.
vi.   JOHN WOOD.

3.  CYNTHIA "CINTHEY" MITCHELL (SARAH SNODDY, SAMUEL) was born Jun 24, 1795 in Iredell Co, NC, and died May 21, 1853 in Murfreesboro, TN.  She married MANOAH BOSTICK HAMPTON Feb 28, 1822 in Stokes Co, NC, son of SAMUEL HAMPTON and BATHENIA BOSTICK.  He was born Jun 25, 1799 in Stokes Co, NC, and died Feb 16, 1858 in Lawrence Co, AL.

Information found at: - this is the site of Virginia Sanders Mylius  -    -   Birmingham, AL   

"Manoah Bostick Hampton was born 25 June 1799 in Stokes County, NC.   He married Cynthia Mitchell  (24 Jun 1795-21 May 1853)  on 28 February 1822 in Stokes County, daughter of Andrew Mitchell and Sarah “Sally” Snoddy.   Manoah and Cynthia followed in the footsteps of many of our Scots/Irish families. They moved from the Carolinas into lower Tennessee and North Alabama, together or following each other.   It surely had to do with the Indians being removed.  In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. During this time, the US government constructed forts all through North Alabama and Southern TN, and there is a Hampton Fort in north AL.  In 1835, the Indians agreed to move beyond the Mississippi River.  By 1840, all of the Eastern tribes had been subdued... as in the "Trial of Tears."    By 1835 Manoah and Cynthia are in Huntsville, AL, where he acquires at least 200 acres of land and was a farmer. Manoah died 16 February 1858, and Cynthia died 21 May 1853. 

Cousin Betty Bostwick, who has the portraits of Manoah and Cynthia Mitchell Hampton, visited their graves and obtained affidavits regarding the inscriptions on their tombstones: "

In Memory Of
Daughter of Andrew and Sarah Mitchell
Born in Iredell County, N.C.
June 24th, 1795
Married M. B. Hampton
The 28th of February, 1822
Departed this life at
Murfreesboro, Tenn.
The 21st of May, 1853
She lived and died a Christian and was beloved
By all who knew her.
M. B. H.

In Memory of
Born in Stokes County, N.C.
June 25, 1799
Married Cynthia Mitchell
The 28th of February, 1822
Departed this life at his home
In Lawrence County, Ala.
The 16th of February, 1858

4.             i.   MARY MITCHELL7 HAMPTON, b. Abt. 1823, Stokes Co, NC; d. Feb 01, 1899, Lincoln Co, MO.
ii.   JOHN PLACIBO HAMPTON, b. Jan 22, 1825, Lawrence Co, AL; d. Jun 08, 1907, Madison Co, AL.

Information found at: - this is the site of Virginia Sanders Mylius  -    -   Birmingham, AL   

"Dr. John Placebo Hampton (1825-1907) was a physician in Madison County, AL    He married 3 times, and lived a long and useful life.    I have been in contact with a descendant of Dr. Hampton, who provided some wonderful family stories and photos (one of John P. Hampton provided below).  

From “The Confederate Veteran”   Dr. John P. Hampton, one of the oldest and most prominent citizens of Huntsville, Alabama, fell asleep on June 8, 1907.  Dr. Hampton was born in Lawrence County, AL, January 22, 1825.  He graduated from LaGrange Military Academy.  He moved to Monroe (now Clay) County, Miss, and while engaged in farming there he studied medicine under Dr. Clapp, graduating from the Pennsylvania Medical College in 1850. 
At the outbreak of the Civil War he entered the Confederate army as a private.  He organized a company of infantry and was elected its captain.  This became Company F, of the 43rd Mississippi Regiment, under Col. William H. Moore.   He was in all of the battles fought by that regiment up until Franklin, Tenn., November 30, 1864, where he was severely wounded, losing his right foot, and he was made a prisoner.  He was kindly cared for by Mrs. John McGavock, and while there, wounded and a prisoner, a lady cousin of his came, prepared to help him escape; but he refused to accept his freedom because his escape would have caused the removal of the other prisoners, many of whom were in such a critical condition that moving them would have been certain death.
From the McGavock home he was carried to Nashville (where he received many kindnesses from Father Ryan), and from there to Camp Chase, Ohio, where he was still imprisoned when the war closed.  He was made major just before the battle of Franklin, but was wounded and taken prisoner before receiving his commission.  He was acting as lieutenant colonel in that desperate charge between the railroad and the pike.
After the war Dr. Hampton with several others contributed several hundred dollars toward the expense of conveying and removing the Confederate dead from the battlefield to the McGavock Cemetery.  In 1872 he removed with his family to Madison County, Ala., where he continued to reside until his death.  He first married Miss Amanda Evans of Monroe County, Miss., who lived only a few years.   His second wife was Mrs. Susan A. Burt, of Lowndes County, Miss., who died in 1856, leaving three children:  John M. and William Burt Hampton and Madison County, Ala., and P.H. Hampton, now residing in Lincoln County, TN.  In 1868 he married Miss Mary T. Battle (a cousin) of Madison County, Ala, who died in May 1884, leaving no children.
Dr. Hampton’s grandfather, Samuel Hampton, who fought for American Independence, and Gen. Wade Hampton, of Revolutionary fame, were descendants of Sir John Hampton, from whom Hampton Roads receives its name.  Dr. Hampton had in his possession several bonds of the State of North Carolina issued in 1780, which were given to his grandfather for services in the Continental army and which were never redeemed.  
His was a life as full of useful deeds and active good as it was of honorable years.   He was a man who in all the relations of life gave his fellow-man an example of the ideal citizen.  He always promptly answered the call of duty, bravely met the responsibilities of life and faithfully discharged them.  He was not only a man of convictions but courage, yet was ever considerate of the opinions of those who differed from him.  He was loyal to his Church, faithful to his country, true to his friends, obliging to his neighbors, devoted and tenderly affectionate in his family, and had lived, as he died, a consistent Christian.  For fifty years he was deacon in the Baptist Church, and for twenty-one years he was Moderator of the Liberty Baptist Association.  Twice he represented Madison County in the Legislature.  He was a zealous Mason, for years serving his lodge as Worshipful Master.   He was also interested in agriculture, and was President of the old Farmers’ Club of Madison County, and under his wise leadership his county for many ears won the first prize in the State fairs.
The last seventeen years of his life were devoted almost exclusively to the service of his Church and the people of his county and State.  He was intensely interested in the cause of education, and accomplished much in that line.  He was a devoted Confed3erate and a member of the Egbert Jones Camp at Huntsville, and a faithful friend and subscriber to the Confederate Veteran from its infancy.” 

               iii.   CYNTHIA AMANDA HAMPTON, b. May 10, 1827, Lawrence Co, AL; d. Sep 18, 1843, Athens, Limestone Co, AL.
iv.   SUSAN E. HAMPTON, b. Abt. 1828, Colbert Co, AL; d. MO.
v.   THOMAS F. HAMPTON, b. Abt. 1830, Leighton, Colbert Co, AL; d. Aug 01, 1835, Leighton, Colbert Co, AL.
vi.   MATILDA HAMPTON, b. Abt. 1833, Colbert Co, AL; d. Apr 08, 1909, MT.
5.           vii.   MANOAH BOSTICK HAMPTON, JR., b. Apr 16, 1835, Leighton, Colbert Co, AL; d. Mar 02, 1915, Leighton, Colbert Co, AL.

Generation No. 3

4.  MARY MITCHELL7 HAMPTON (CYNTHIA "CINTHEY"6 MITCHELL, SARAH5 SNODDY, SAMUEL4, ?JOSEPH3, WILLIAM2, ?1) was born Abt. 1823 in Stokes Co, NC, and died Feb 01, 1899 in Lincoln Co, MO.  She married THOMAS FRANKLIN HOUSTON.  He was born Jul 30, 1818 in Hunting Creek, Iredell Co, NC.

The life of Col. Thos. F. Houston is recounted in the 1882 History of Pettis County, MO, portions of which reads:

    “He laid out the town of Houstonia. His early youth was spent in acquiring an education, and assisting his father in the duties of the plantation. When about twenty years of age he began the study of law under the tuition of Gen. James Cook, of Mocksville, and afterwards with Hon. R.M. Pearson, late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, and was licensed to practice by the Supreme Court of the State in June, 1840. In 1845, he located in Leighton, Ala., where he was married that year to Miss Mary M. Hampton, a lady of culture and refinement. She is a native of North Carolina, but was raised in Alabama. In the autumn of 1848, he came west, locating where now stands the village of Bunceton, Cooper County, Mo. Here he continued farming until the spring of 1851, when he came to Pettis County, locating on his present farm. His original purchase was 920 acres, to which he subsequently added until he was in possession of a body of near 5,000 acres. Since his coming to this county Colonel H., has changed the appearance of this locality to a great extent, and in a few years the fruits of his industry were plainly visible. Broad fields of wheat and corn, to the extent of 3,000 acres, large herds of cattle, sheep and swine, could be seen where but a few years previous was barrenness and waste. His improvements were of a substantial as well as an extensive character. At the breaking out of the war, Col. Houston was a strong Union man, but on account of the policy adopted by the Federals, he became an earnest sympathizer with the Southern cause, and early in 1861, joined the Confederate corps under Capt. Robinson. Early in 1862, he was commissioned Lieut.- Colonel, to organize and drill a regiment, which he succeeded in doing, and was captured by the Federals when about ready to depart for the front. He was kept a prisoner, and was indicted by the United States Court, and kept under parole until 1865. When he returned home he again took up the peaceful pursuits of his business. That he has been identified with the development of the county, as well as the organization of society, are facts too widely known to admit of question. He was one of the founders of the Agricultural Society, and was chosen president and director, which offices he filled efficiently for many years. He, in fact, gave liberally of his time and means to its support. He organized and established the first school in this section, and has been an active worker for educational interests since. He was also one of the founders of the Houstonia Christian Church, and has been a liberal contributor since its organization. During the agitation of the railroad project the Colonel was elected a director of the Lexington & St. Louis R.R. Company. He was then elected vice-president, and later, president; which office he held until the road was transferred to the Missouri Pacific Railway Company. In the autumn of 1880, he was unanimously chosen by the Democratic Convention as a candidate for Representative to the Legislature, and was elected by a large majority, although he persistently refused the office. He has made an efficient and honorable Representative, and identified himself with measures which resulted to the advantage of his constituents. He has raised a family of five children: Frank, an attorney of Sedalia; Augustus Y., also a business man of Sedalia; Mary, wife of Jas. S. Napton; Elizabeth, who died in 1875, wife of John Napton; and Emma who resides with her parents.

i.   JOHN FRANKLIN8 HOUSTON, b. Dec 28, 1845, AL.
ii.   MARY MITCHELL HOUSTON, b. Jan 01, 1848, MO; d. Mar 04, 1932, Hazelton, Jerome Co, ID.
iii.   AUGUSTUS YOUNG HOUSTON, b. Dec 10, 1849, MO; d. May 12, 1926, MO.
iv.   CYNTHIA ELIZABETH HOUSTON, b. Jan 07, 1854, MO; d. Bef. 1903, MO.
v.   SUSAN MATILDA HOUSTON, b. Aug 05, 1856, MO.

5.  MANOAH BOSTICK7 HAMPTON, JR. (CYNTHIA "CINTHEY"6 MITCHELL, SARAH5 SNODDY, SAMUEL4, ?JOSEPH3, WILLIAM2, ?1) was born Apr 16, 1835 in Leighton, Colbert Co, AL, and died Mar 02, 1915 in Leighton, Colbert Co, AL.  He married (1) LIDA ?.    He married (2) EMMA JANE BATTLE May 31, 1860 in Meridianville, AL.  She was born Aug 17, 1840 in Meridianville, Madison Co, AL, and died Jun 07, 1882 in Lawrence Co, AL.

Information found at: - this is the site of Virginia Sanders Mylius  -    -   Birmingham, AL   

"Manoah Bostick Hampton,  II/Jr. was born 16 Apr 1835 in Leighton, Colbert County, AL.   Dr. Justin Glenn provided the following information about Manoah.  “Manoah attended U. of North Carolina;  joined the Confederate army in 1862 and was commissioned 1st lt., Co. H, 35th Ala. Infantry.   Subsequently he was commissioned captain. and raised a company of cavalry, which became Co. B, 11th Ala. Cavalry, CSA.  Though badly wounded at the battle of Corinth, he recovered and rejoined his regiment, in which he served until the end of the war.  He resided in Leighton, Ala., where he was active in Camp Fred A. Ashford, UCV.”      Manoah married Emma Jane Battle (1840-1882) on 31 May 1860 in Meridianville, AL.  After Emma’s death, he remarried a woman named Lida, who was much younger.   He left everything to her in his will. "

i.   CYNTHIA MITCHELL8 HAMPTON, b. 1861; d. 1937, Los Angeles, CA; m. ARTHUR WALLACE SIAS; b. Jun 07, 1855; d. Aug 02, 1928, Los Angeles, CA.
6.            ii.   MARY ELIZABETH "LILLY" HAMPTON, b. Sep 06, 1863, Leighton, AL; d. Jun 23, 1925, Nashville, TN.
iv.   EMMA BATTLE HAMPTON, b. 1869; d. Jun 12, 1959, Los Angeles, CA; m. JAMES THEODORE WOOD, Jul 21, 1894, White Sulphur Springs, MT; b. Quincy, IL.

Information found at: - this is the site of Virginia Sanders Mylius  -    -   Birmingham, AL   

She graduated from the State Normal School, Warrensburg, MO;  Episcopalian; married in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, July 21, 1894, James Theodore Wood (born Quincy, Ill, Feb 4, 1865; son of Daniel Carl Wood and Janet Abernathy.   He was a banker in Helena, Montana.  This information provided by Dr. Justin Glenn.   I find them still in Montana up until Mr. Wood’s death in March, 1935.  Emma apparently then moved to California, I am assuming to be near her children or her sister Cynthia.  

They had two children: 
1)  Mary J. Wood (ca born 1894) married C. A. Linn
2)  James T. Wood, Jr., (born 3 Aug 1895)  married and apparently had a son James T. Wood, III. 

There are mentions of them in the Helena Independent, The (Helena, Montana): 

August 6, 1928:   "Mrs. James T. Wood left for California, called there by the death of her brother-in-law, Arthur Sias."

May 1, 1931:  Mrs. James T. Wood and Mrs. C. A. Linn, issued invitations for two joint social gatherings, held Thursday afternoon and Friday evening.  Thurs. afternoon was a bridge luncheon and Friday evening a bridge dinner.  Both the luncheon and the dinner were served in the tea room of the Public Drug.  Mrs. G. K. Spencer assisted at the Thurs afternoon entertainment."
November 15, 1931:  "Mrs. James T. Wood and daughter, Mrs. C. A. Linn, are visiting in Helena."
June 16, 1931:  "Mr. and Mrs. James T. Wood left Tuesday morning for Butte.  Before returning they will also visit Great Falls."

· March 30, 1935:  "Pioneer Banker of Montana Hears Call"    OBITUARY:   March 30, 1935:   "PIONEER BANKER OF MONTANA HEARS CALL.  White Sulphur Springs, March 29.  James T. Wood, 70, one of Montana's pioneer bankers died suddenly at his home here.  He apparently was the victim of a heart attack.    Coming to Montana in 1884 from Quincy, Ill., Mr. Wood had been identified with the First National bank of this place from the year following his arrival until the present time.  Most of the period he was its president.  At one time he was state senator from Meagher county and always was actively identified with the business and civic life of the region.   Survivors include a sister, Mrs. T.M. Hampton of Helena and two children, Mrs. C.A. Linn of White Sulphur Springs and J.T. Wood, Jr. of California.
September 13, 1940:    "Mrs. James T. Wood of Pasadena arrived here last week to visit friends and relatives for several weeks.   Mrs. Wood was a former resident of White Sulphur Spring."

               v.   MATILDA PARBERRY HAMPTON, b. Jul 26, 1873; d. Jan 30, 1953; m. GIDEON KENNEDY SPENCER, Oct 16, 1902, White Sulphur Springs, MT.

Information found at: - this is the site of Virginia Sanders Mylius  -    -   Birmingham, AL   

Information found at: - this is the site of Virginia Sanders Mylius  -    -   Birmingham, AL   

Matilda Parberry Hampton (26 Jul 1873-d 30 Jan 1953) married Gideon Kennedy Spencer 16 Oct 1902 in White Sulphur Springs, Montana.   “Gid” was called a “pioneer banker” of the community and he was a rancher, and they had two children:
1)  Louise (b. ca 1903-died 1912)
2)  Matilda (b. ca 1909) married Milton V. Ritter, and they apparently had a son.  

28 December 1930 -  "The marriage of Miss Matilda Spencer to Mr. Milton Ritter was quietly solemnized Saturday morning, December 27, at White Sulphur Springs.  The bride is a niece of Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Hampton of Helena.  Mr. and Mrs. Ritter will make their home in Missoula."

July 16, 1937 - "Mrs. B. C. Hampton and her daughter, Jane, were recent visitors in White Sulphur Springs from Washington, D.C.    B. C. Hampton is a brother of Mrs. James Wood and Mrs. Gideon Spencer of White Sulphur Springs.   Mr. Hampton is editor of a health bulletin for public health service in Washington, D.C."

Friday, April 25, 1941 - "Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Spencer spent several days last week at Belton in Glacier Park visiting with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ritter."

October 29, 1946  -  "Mr. and Mrs. Milton V. Ritter of Washington, DC have been visiting Mrs. Ritter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.K. Spencer."

January 31, 1953 -  "G. K. Spencer, retired businessman of this community, is a patient in St. John's hopsital in Helena following a stroke suffered at his home here a week ago.  Mrs. Spencer is confined to the house by illness, and a daughter, Mrs. Milton Ritter of Washington, DC will come to Montana to be with her parents." 

Feb. 2, 1953 "White Sulphur Springs - Matilda P. Spencer, niece of a pioneer doctor of Montana and wife of Gideon K. Spencer, retired banker of White Sulphur Springs, died in the Broadwater hospital in Townsend following a short illness and funeral services will be conducted here.   She is survived by her husband, G. K. Spencer, is at present a patient in St. John's hospital in Helena;  a daughter, Mrs. Milton Ritter of Washington, D. C., and one grandson."

August 30, 1953 -  "G. K. Spencer, lifelong resident of White Sulphur Springs, and a pioneer banker of the community, is leaving for Washington, DC to reside with his daughter, Mrs. Milton Ritter and family.  He has leased his new home here to Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Clay, who will take possession Sept. 1."

               vi.   MANOAH BOSTICK HAMPTON III, b. 1877; d. 1957, Los Angeles, CA; m. EVA HARTFIELD; d. Los Angeles, CA.
vii.   BROCK CHILTON HAMPTON, b. 1880; d. Sep 05, 1960, Los Angeles, CA; m. ANNA EDITH BOITANO; d. Los Angeles, CA.

Generation No. 4

6.  MARY ELIZABETH "LILLY"8 HAMPTON (MANOAH BOSTICK7, CYNTHIA "CINTHEY"6 MITCHELL, SARAH5 SNODDY, SAMUEL4, ?JOSEPH3, WILLIAM2, ?1) was born Sep 06, 1863 in Leighton, AL, and died Jun 23, 1925 in Nashville, TN.  She married WALTER FLAVIOUS MCCLURE, SR. Aug 11, 1885 in West Sedalia (Houstonia), MO.  He was born Mar 1856 in Cornersville, TN, and died Jul 24, 1915 in Birmingham, AL.


She married Walter Flavious McClure 11 Aug 1885 in West Sedalia (Houstonia), Mo., where her aunt Mary Mitchell Hampton Houston lived.    Lilie and Walter McClure lived in Cornersville, TN, but moved to Birmingham when their children were small and lived first in East Lake and then in the Norwood area on 26th Street.   "Lilie" (pronounced Lilah) as Mary Elizabeth was called, died in Nashville, TN in 1925, but is buried in Birmingham, Elmwood Cemetery, on the McClure plot beside her husband.  Walter F. McClure died in Birmingham, AL  14 July 1915 from appendicitis.

7.             i.   ROBERT P.9 MCCLURE, b. Oct 28, 1894, Lewisburg, TN; d. Jun 16, 1955, Birmingham, AL.
8.            ii.   MARY BATTLE MCCLURE, b. Aug 30, 1886, Lewisburg, TN; d. 1979, Birmingham, AL.
iii.   WILLIAM HAMPTON MCCLURE, b. Jul 22, 1889, Lewisburg, TN; d. 1959, Birmingham, AL.

Generation No. 5

7.  ROBERT P.9 MCCLURE (MARY ELIZABETH "LILLY"8 HAMPTON, MANOAH BOSTICK7, CYNTHIA "CINTHEY"6 MITCHELL, SARAH5 SNODDY, SAMUEL4, ?JOSEPH3, WILLIAM2, ?1) was born Oct 28, 1894 in Lewisburg, TN, and died Jun 16, 1955 in Birmingham, AL.  He married HELEN VIRGINIA JACKSON Jun 12, 1920.  She was born Jun 20, 1899 in GA, and died May 25, 1974 in Birmingham, AL.

9.             i.   JEANNE10 MCCLURE, b. Apr 09, 1921, Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL; d. Nov 17, 1999, Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL.

8.  MARY BATTLE9 MCCLURE (MARY ELIZABETH "LILLY"8 HAMPTON, MANOAH BOSTICK7, CYNTHIA "CINTHEY"6 MITCHELL, SARAH5 SNODDY, SAMUEL4, ?JOSEPH3, WILLIAM2, ?1) was born Aug 30, 1886 in Lewisburg, TN, and died 1979 in Birmingham, AL.  She married WILLIAM WATSON WALKER.  He was born Apr 28, 1882 in Clay Co, AL, and died 1943 in Birmingham, AL.

i.   WILLIAM WATSON10 WALKER, JR., b. 1911; d. 1987.
ii.   JEAN BATTLE WALKER, b. 1913; d. 2003.

Generation No. 6

9.  JEANNE MCCLURE (ROBERT P.9, MARY ELIZABETH "LILLY"8 HAMPTON, MANOAH BOSTICK7, CYNTHIA "CINTHEY"6 MITCHELL, SARAH5 SNODDY, SAMUEL4, ?JOSEPH3, WILLIAM2, ?1) was born Apr 09, 1921 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL, and died Nov 17, 1999 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL.  She married SAMUEL HENRY SANDERS Sep 28, 1940 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL.  He was born Feb 05, 1915 in Birmingham, AL, and died Aug 01, 1993 in Birmingham, AL.

10.            i.   VIRGINIA11 SANDERS, b. May 1952, Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL.

Generation No. 7


U.S. Public Records Index
Name: Virginia S Mylius
Birth Date: May 1952
Street address: 2112 Haden St 
City: Birmingham 
County: Jefferson 
State: Alabama 
Zip Code: 35226 
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i.   MATTHEW J.12 MYLIUS, b. Sep 1974, Birmingham, AL.